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Olive Oil & Vinegar

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Moulins Mahjoub 500ml

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Moulins Mahjoub 500ml - Mediterra

Handpicked in North Central Tunisia during the prime harvest season between December and January, the olives that are used to craft this aromatic, delectable Mediterra Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Les Moulins Mahjoub hang in the transitional balance between green and black olives when flavor is the ripest. This oil is crafted by the Mahjoub family using century-old techniques that keep the olives cold during the entire process in order to preserve their natural antioxidants. The olives are pressed by gravity, working to keep the temperature down by not using heat to extract their oils. To decant the pure olive oil completely, the oil is ladled from the water by hand during a process that is known as "a la feuille." This yields a bright, green-apple colored olive oil that is as refreshing to look at as it is to taste, as this rich, thick oil provides a soft yet long finish on the palate.

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